Beer tasting across borders

Geopark Schelde Delta area is rich in many beer breweries. In the Flemish part, beer culture is even listed on the Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. From cider to special beer made by real brewers. Of course, these beers are not to be missed and must be tasted!

Mensen proosten met een biertje in de hand (Pexels - Rodnae productions)

Beer walk

Explore different cities while your guide explains more about beer history. Of course the beer has to be tasted as well. You do this in different cafes or breweries along the route during a beer tasting. Which means you also get more information about the beer you are so enjoying. You can find several beer walks via Google, including walks that you can do independently without a guide.

Vaten in bierbrouwerij (Pexels - Arthur Brognoli)

Taste local

Besides the beautiful big cities, the Geopark Schelde Delta area naturally also consists of numerous smaller towns or villages. Here you will find many local breweries with their own specialties. In these breweries you can often taste delicious fresh beer. Taste what real local beer tastes like. You might taste hints of salty seawater or chocolate. Discover Zeeland and Flemish breweries.

Bier in bierglas (Pexels - Engin Akyurt)

Discover the proces

Are you also curious how that delicious local beer is made now? Many breweries are open (in season) and show you the process of brewing beer. Unravel the mystery and step inside the brewery. This can be done through a guided tour or on your own. Ask at the brewery about the possibilities!