De Manteling van Walcheren

Discover Zeeland's most varied coastal area, the Manteling of Walcheren. The name "Manteling" indicates the function of the area, it forms a "cloak" against the fierce sea wind. You will find this contrasting area on the Kop van Walcheren between the Veerse Gatdam and Domburg. The area is one of the few places where oak forest meets the sea. Trees "sheared" by the salty sea wind sometimes take on fairytale forms there.

Museum voor Natuur en Landschap Terra Maris

Visitor center

Meet the dynamic nature of the Geopark area and learn more about the origins of the Zeeland landscape. You can also discover your more than one hundred vanished villages. You can do all this in the museum for nature and landscape of Zeeland, Terra Maris.

Duingebieden Oranjezon en De Manteling


Almost nowhere in Europe do deciduous trees grow so close to the coast. Special plants can also be found in the area. Don't be surprised if you come across a fallow deer or roe deer in the woods or bushes or hear songbirds and woodpeckers. These are all reasons why the Manteling van Walcheren is Natura-2000 area in the category "dunes. With this status, efforts are being made to preserve and restore biodiversity.

Buitenplaats Westhove, Manteling van Walcheren (gemaakt door Marcelle Davidse)

Boom van Mondriaan

On the Berkenbosch estate you will find an ancient yew tree. This tree is not only ancient and beautiful but also has an art historical value. In fact, this tree may have been painted by Piet Mondrian, a famous Dutch painter and art theorist. Mondrian stayed regularly in Domburg between 1908 and 1916 and painted numerous subjects. One of them could be this fantastic tree in the painting "Avond, De Rode Boom". Anyone visiting the Manteling can therefore not miss the forms of this tree.