Estate Mattemburgh

Mattemburgh estate is located south of Bergen op Zoom and is owned by Brabants Landschap. Mattemburgh is counted among the five most perfectly preserved period gardens in our country. The oldest forest reserve in our country, where no maintenance has been deliberately carried out for over 100 years, is part of the estate. There are two garden styles on the estate. Around the 1847 villa is a garden in the English Landscape style. Winding paths, winding ponds, surprising vistas, a Chinese bridge and classical statues. The highlight of this garden, literally and figuratively, is a tea dome on an artificial elevation. Under the dome is a former icehouse, which now serves as a winter quarters for bats. The French garden is quite different in style. The trees and hedges are tightly clipped. Two rows of giant tubs, containing lemon and orange trees, some as old as 100 years, lead to restaurant Orangerie Mattemburgh.

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