Zeeland Maritime MuZEEum

Who is Michiel de Ruyter and does Zeeland know other sailors? Find the answers to these questions at the Zeeuws muZEEum. The Zeeuws maritiem muZEEum shows you how Zeeland and Vlissingen are connected to maritime history. But also that maritime activity is still very important to Zeeland. We are still closely connected to the world. And together we face great challenges. You can learn more about that at the muZEEum.

The muZEEum is one of the finest museums in the Netherlands. But after twenty years, the main presentation is in dire need of replacement. We have made a wonderful plan for that. A new presentation that connects generations with Zeeland's maritime past and present. During the renovation, the muZEEum will be closed. In the summer of 2023, the muZEEum will reopen its doors with a completely new presentation.

More information can be found here.

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