Climate living labs

The Scheldt Delta - actually an estuary - has been changing shape regularly for millions of years. And for just as long, climate changes, sea level rises and river flows have played tricks on the area and its inhabitants. Thus, for thousands of years the Delta area has been a kind of living experimental space where man has had to constantly adapt to fluctuations in temperature and sea level. Water is both enemy and friend. This is also likely to be true for the coming decades, as the Delta region is ranked No. 8 most vulnerable to climate change in the world. This is due to the area's population density, low elevation and economic activities.

Climate challenges

What is clear is that we face major climate challenges. Heavy rainfall and persistent drought are no longer the exception. New studies show a sea level rise of 2 to 3 meters by the year 2100. By looking to the past, we learn to deal with the climate challenges of today and tomorrow. And more importantly, it puts things in perspective, motivates and inspires us to move along "on the tides of time and climate. Because one thing is certain: the area we live in continues to change.


We want to investigate how we have to move with the climate from the Climate Living Lab Schelde Delta. Through education, workshops and events. With many partners we want to show which tracks there are in the area. And how land, sea, man and water developed in an ever-changing climate. Looking at the past, we see the future more clearly. In doing so, we learn - for ourselves and other deltas around the world - what effect this has on new choices we make. The struggle against water thus becomes life with water.

Paulinaschor - schorgebied grenzend aan de Paulinapolder (gemaakt door Arjen Hartog)

Did you know?

There is a difference between a delta and an estuary. In a delta, the influence of the river with fresh water and sediment to the sea is the greatest. In an estuary, the sea has a strong influence well into the river with salt water and tidal flow. So the Scheldt Delta is actually an estuary. Interesting? Read more here!

The history of Geopark Schelde Delta at a glance

Climate Living Lab as basis for the collaboration

In 2017 ontstond het idee van het Geopark Schelde Delta als Climate Living Lab als een showcase voor de hele wereld. Het deltagebied staat namelijk op nummer 8 van de meest kwetsbare gebieden voor klimaatverandering ter wereld. Meer weten over de oprichting van ons Geopark? Lees hier snel verder!