Geopark Schelde Delta in formation

Although we may be new to you, the history of Geopark Schelde Delta has been around a bit longer. In this blog, we tell you all about it from inception to the point where we are today.

In the year 2013, the idea of a Geopark begins. This idea originated on the Brabant Escarpment by a geography teacher. This teacher approached the Province of Noord-Brabant with this idea, which was enthusiastically received. The first stone for the Geopark was laid.

An international UNESCO Geopark conference is attended in Canada for the first time. At the conference, it quickly becomes apparent that the Brabant Escarpment is too small an area to qualify for UNESCO Geopark Status.

Because the area is considered too small, it is being lobbied other provinces for enthusiasm. Of course, the geology as the basis of the area is being taken into account.

The Provinces of Antwerp, Oost-Vlaanderen and Zeeland are enthusiastically joining the idea of establishing a Geopark.

With more provinces and partners on board, a common goal and thought process is being sought. Besides the Scheldt as a blue thread through the area, the idea of Climate Living Lab emerges which forms a good basis for further cooperation.

In addition to visiting another UNESCO Geopark conference, the first official meeting of our science room will take place. They will play an increasingly important role within the Geopark and initially define the boundaries of Geopark Schelde Delta.

In 2019, the boundaries do not appear to make complete sense based on geology. Because of this reason, the Province of West-Vlaanderen is also joining. But the Geopark is not only expanded in the area but also in partners. Because on November 28, 2019, the declaration of intent will be festively signed by about 60 partners.

The year begins "normally" but soon the world goes on lockdown because of the pandemic. However, the developments of Geopark Schelde Delta are not standing still. By means of Microsoft Teams, for example, the distances in the area are reduced and the application for an Interreg grant under the name "Experienceable Scheldt" is even started.

The world is opening up again bit by bit, and our science room is getting an even bigger role in our collaboration as a result. For example, they work on the application file and all the attachments.

2022 was all about hard work and dossier preparation. At the end of the year, not 1 but 2 dossiers were sent in, namely the dossier for " Beleefbare Schelde" and the application dossier for UNESCO Global Geopark. This hard work was celebrated with many partners during the partner meeting in December.

Although the year has only just begun at the time of writing, we expect this to be another year of great strides. Visitation and visibility will be two big themes, but what else? Keep an eye on our social media and website!