Fisheries Museum - Breskens

Learn more about the fascinating story of the sea, fishermen and the extraordinary catches of fossils, shells and other marine treasures. But you can also visit the largest exhibited collection of birds at the Fisheries Museum. There is also a sea aquarium where you can spot various fish such as sharks, seahorses, flatfish, crabs, shrimps, starfish and lobsters. The history of fishing in Breskens comes to life through objects, models, paintings and stories. An old fisherman demonstrates fishing net knitting and fisherman's knot tying. You can try this out too! Finally, you can participate in the game with the old mining clock from the fish auction.

The Fisheries Museum is located on the upper floor of the local fish mine. In the museum's film room, films about the life of fishermen are shown. You can also learn more about various aspects of the Western Scheldt from a scale model, models of the former ferries and objects relating to shipping. In the Main Hall, the fishing history of Breskens is highlighted and numerous ship models are on display. In the museum you will also find many objects that were fished up as "bycatch" by the fishermen, such as mammoth teeth.

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