Fort Liefkenshoek

Fort Liefkenshoek is one of the oldest forts in Flanders. The military structure from the late 16th century was built to protect the city and port of Antwerp from the advancing Spanish troops led by Alexander Farnese. Together with Fort Lillo - on the other side of the Scheldt - it was of great importance for control of shipping: together they could close off the Scheldt.

Spaniards, Dutch, French and Austrians besieged both forts over the years, which were part of the State-Spanish Lines, a military defense network in the period from the Eighty Years' War to the French era. The fort changed occupiers several more times: it served as a quarantine station, as a naval base, as a vacation resort for the professional soldiers,... The oldest buildings date from the Napoleonic period (1810-1811). 

Now there is a visitor and experience center and a brasserie. 

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