De Durme en de oude Durme

The Durme, a tributary of the Scheldt, runs from the Moervaart depression through Lokeren and Waasmunster to Tielrode where it flows into the Scheldt. East of Lokeren, a weir was created in the 1950s. As a result, the eastern part of the Durme is strongly dominated by the tide and the closer you get to Lokeren, the narrower the river becomes. The remarkable thing is actually that here, while you are some 120 kilometers away from the mouth of the Western Scheldt, you have a tidal difference of several meters. At low tide the Durme is a narrow stream and at high tide a much wider stream that looks murky because of the many transports of silt. Along the river in several places are still the original flood plains, meersen, which serve as hay meadows in the summer. West of Lokeren, the river has a fixed level and also has a stronger recreational function there. Between Waasmunster and Hamme is also the Old Durme. This is a section of the Durme cut off in the 1930s with a large number of meanders. Besides scenic beauty, the area also has a rich cultural history. A beautiful area within River Park Scheldevallei and Geopark Schelde Delta.