Delicious regional products

The food sector is an important industry that has changes to make to meet the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. Therefore, it is important that we increasingly realize the impact of food on our climate but also that we eat more locally. You can eat local by eating more regional products typical of the Geopark Schelde Delta in the geopark area. Read on quickly to discover more about the regional products from our Geopark.

Boer steekt asperges (gemaakt door VVV Brabantse Wal)


AAA is a famous term on the Brabant Escarpment. It stands for Asparagus (in Dutch Asperges), Anchovy (in Dutch Ansjovis) and Strawberries (in Dutch aardbeien), the three best-known regional products in this area. In April the first asparagus and strawberries come off the land, which together with the anchovies form the AAA menu. The Brabant Escarpment Asparagus is distinguished from other asparagus by a somewhat more salty taste. This is obviously due to its location, a combination of salty Zeeland sea air and pure Kalmthoutse Heide groundwater. The anchovies are still traditionally caught in traps by the weather fishery. The strawberry (in Dutch aardbei) completes the AAA menu and is usually included in the dessert.

Oesterputten en mosselteelt, Yerseke - Walter Jonkers

Zeker Zeeuws

Products designated as "Zeker Zeeuws Streekproduct" are sourced, processed and handled in Zeeland. In addition, the products and raw materials are made in a socially responsible manner. Many Zeeland oysters have this characteristic. They are farmed in the Eastern Scheldt and Grevelingen lakes, after which they are fished with "corrals" and then processed on the Zeeland mainland. In addition to its oysters, Zeeland is also known for its mussels, shrimps and lobsters but other products are also given the "Zeker Zeeuws" hallmark. Curious? Click on the arrow.

Close-up shot van houten vaten, gemaakt door Arthur Brognoli, Pexels


Real Flemish hesp, Belgian chocolate or, of course, the famous beers. These are all regional products you can find in Geopark Schelde Delta. Also in the Belgian area of the Geopark there is a characteristic to comply with the label regional product. The products are made in their region of origin with local raw materials. Curious about which Flemish hesp, chocolate or beer already has this label? Click on the arrow! On this website you will also find recipes so you can make delicious regional dishes.

GEOfood logo (verkregen via


UNESCO Global Geoparks have as one of their main goals the involvement of local communities in achieving the SDGs. Resources from the unique geoparks provided food for local people. The GEOfood initiative aims to bring the connection between geology and food back into the spotlight. GEOfood is an international collaboration between several UNESCO Global Geoparks to involve local people in the stories surrounding local food. Geopark Schelde Delta is also participating in this project to investigate whether the GEOfood label can be obtained and applied as an additional label alongside the regional labels when the UNESCO Global Geopark status is obtained.